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The Killing Forest

© 2016 - All Rights Reserved

Author: Sara Blaedel

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Release Date: February 2, 2016

Sara Blaedel is called by many "Denmark's Queen of Crime." The Killing Forest, the latest in her Louise Rick series, ably proves why her books are read by a full one-fifth of her home country.

Rick returns to work after a leave of absence to find herself assigned to a missing persons case. A fifteen-year-old boy has been gone for a week. It is an investigation that takes her back to her hometown, and one that exposes the deadly secrets of an ancient, Nordic religion.

Blaedel skillfully reveals Rick's past pain - the death of an old boyfriend - and weaves it into the search for Sune Frandsen. It might be a straightforward case if it weren't for the murder, kidnapping, arson and ritualistic violence Rick encounters along the way.

The Killing Forest is written in a fast-paced, taut fashion with which American mystery readers might not be familiar. But, for Prose 'n Cons, it flows along at the perfect speed: constant and suspenseful. There are no flashbacks to slow the action; no unnecessary side-trips outside of the main plot.

There is a fresh quality to The Killing Forest, partly due to its setting in Denmark, but mostly because we're introduced to a different sort of investigator. Louise Rick is tough, emotional, and ready to do whatever it takes to find Sune. In contrast to the seemingly endless supply of "politically correct" American police detectives, Rick couldn't give a damn about the means. She just gets results.

Prose 'n Cons recommends The Killing Forest to readers who enjoy international mysteries and detective series.

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