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Shutter Man

© 2016 - All Rights Reserved

Author: Richard Montanari

Publisher: Mulholland Books, Little Brown and Company

Release Date: February 9, 2016

Modern construction and development have diluted and dismantled Devil's Pocket. The tough Irish neighborhood of old is today home to a much broader swath of ethnicities. But in Richard Montanari's Shutter Man, the Devil's Pocket is fully alive - and terrifying.

Shutter Man isn't the story of one maladjusted psychotic, it's a portrait of a family of psychopaths who have terrorized this South Philly neighborhood for generations. The Farren family lacks remorse. It aims only at self preservation. But Michael "Billy" Farren is creating a new family tradition: revenge.

Detective Kevin Byrne, himself raised in Devil's Pocket, is investigating a series of gruesome murders. What initially looks like random home invasions is soon recognized as an orchestrated spree of torture and mutilation. Billy Farren, a man with a rare condition called face blindness, quickly becomes the prime suspect.

Shutter Man is not a book for the queasy, or those who eschew violence. It is, however, the perfect choice for lovers of unsparing, realistic police procedurals and thrillers.

Montanari's writing style is uptempo, but not so much so that you get lost along the way. In fact, this is the ninth in the Byrne and Balzano series, and readers will find they can immediately leap inside the relationship between these former partners and root for their success.

The best part of Shutter Mann is that, just when you think you've figured it all out, you're bowled over by a twist you never saw racing directly toward you. By the time you reach the last page you feel like you've been taken on a ride, the direction and path of which you can never retrace.

Prose 'n Cons recommends Shutter Man to fans of suspenseful, gritty, and realistic police procedurals.

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