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Apprehensions and Convictions

© 2016 - All Rights Reserved

Author: Mark Johnson

Publisher: Quill Driver Books

Release Date: February 1, 2016

Apprehensions and Convictions reads more like the diary of a policeman than it does a traditional autobiography. For anyone who has ever wanted to be a cop or experience a true "day in the life," this is a good thing.

Author Mark Johnson says he's one of those guys who always wanted to wear the uniform. Unfortunately, he waited till age 50 to live his dream. By then, many of his fellow officers were half his age. His wife Nancy, accustomed to his healthy private sector salary, was none too pleased with his 75% pay cut. His only supporters, in fact, were his grown children.

Despite the odds, Johnson became Mobile, Alabama's oldest rookie. In Apprehensions and Convictions, he tells the story of his 12-year career and eventual promotion to detective. Along the way, he learns the dangers of the job first-hand. First, on a Christmas morning, a car thief succeeded in seizing his service revolver. On another occasion, his gun saved his life - but as a shield, not a weapon. By the end of his law enforcement career, Johnson transforms from "Paw-Paw" - the nickname given by younger officers - to a decorated detective.

Apprehensions and Convictions marks the start of Johnson's third career, as a writer. Prose 'n Cons recommends it to fans of memoirs and nonfiction works centering on law enforcement.

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