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After the Crash

© 2016 - All Rights Reserved

Author: Michel Bussi

Publisher: Hachette Books

Release Date: January 5, 2016 (American Translation)

After the Crash revolves around an amazingly simple, yet thoroughly gripping, conundrum. There are two infants aboard a plane bound for Paris. The plane crashes into the Swiss Alps killing all aboard except for one of the two babes. But which one died, and which one is still alive?

In a bit of a Prince and the Pauper twist, one child is from a poor family. The other is the heir to a fortune. But the crash occurs in 1980, before identification by DNA was common practice. So who is the survivor? To which family does she belong?

Private detective Credule Grand-Duc makes the case his life's work. But after nearly two decades, he still cannot prove the real identity of the girl now known as Lylie - the "Miracle Baby," as the press dubbed her. Just when he thinks all is futile, he recognizes a clue that's been staring him in the face since he first took the case.

Author Michel Bussi is a best-selling crime author in France, but After the Crash is his first book to be translated into English. Grand-Duc's diary serves as Bussi's plot hinge and gives the reader an intimate peek inside the brain of the man who works so hard to discover Lylie's parentage. The surrounding narrative artfully doles out the suspense, and the dialogue is crisp and refreshingly realistic.

In the end, when Lylie must be found - when a life is on the line - her possessive but devoted boyfriend Marc is the only one who equals Grand-Duc's determination and keen mind. And, as Marc finally unravels Lylie's real life story, they both worry if it's a truth either actually wants to hear.

Prose 'n Cons recommends After the Crash to fans of classic mysteries, as well as readers of psychological suspense.

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