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Interview with the authors of Undisclosed Files of the Police: Cases from the Archives of the NYPD from 1831 to the Present.

Coming January 2017:
Exclusive interview with mystery maven M. C. Beaton.

Get An Author's Perspective on his or her book:

~ Craig Parshall Scared the Wits Out of Himself - and Out Came a Novel

~ Brainstorming: Creating a Worthy Antagonist, by Janice Cantore

~ Gunsmoke, Poachers and Dreams, by Michael Allen Dymmoch

~ Women of the 1910s: From Movie Heroines to News Reporters, by Radha Vatsal

~ From Initial Scene to Complete Novel, by Dietrich Kalteis

~ Folklore, Superstition and Self Deception, by Dan Newman

~ Write Your Mystery in Eight Easy Steps, by Lily Gardner

~ The Evolution of a Book, by Kerry Schafer

Brad Meltzer:

The Prose 'n Cons Interview

Sara Paretsky:

The Prose 'n Cons Interview

Newest Feature:

Six Things You Don't Know About the Kennedy Assassination

Read the exclusive story here.

Lee Harvey Oswald, Marine

Exclusive Interview

Tess Gerritsen: She wrote the thriller on which the blockbuster movie Gravity was based - and earned nothing from its proceeds.

Exclusive Interview

The Real Mary Kelly: Author Wynne Weston-Davies says Jack the Ripper's final victim is his great aunt. And he knows who Jack is.

Exclusive Interview

True crime writer Carla Norton brings psycopath Daryl Wayne Flint back for another thriller (and there's also a movie in the works.)